Parenting by Choice, Rather than Circumstance

Thanks Craig always love when you write a new blog – Keep them coming

ADOPTING FAITH: A Father's Unconditional Love

April’s turning out to be one long month at my house! One surprise after another – and not the pleasant variety. Frustrated? Of course, I am – like most parents in the trenches would be.  

But am letting the chaos get the best of me? Or have I looked within myself – perceiving the taxing situations through a different lens? 

First came the storm. Although the wind uprooted a large tree in my backyard, I am thankful. It crushed the birdbath but didn’t land on the house. No serious damage. And when I asked for help with the clean-up, one of my sons quickly volunteered. Now we have firewood for years.  

squirrelNext was the pregnant squirrel. It conveniently built a nest in the engine of my seldom-driven Jeep. While the babies were precious, the chewed wires were not. The vehicle wouldn’t start. But I am thankful once again…

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