We welcome hearing from people
we have supported in prayer on their life journey.

“I was astounded at the love God has for me. I had never imagined such a deep love and abiding understanding. I came away realizing how much bigger God, Jesus and Holy Spirit are in our day-to-day simple lives. I also was impressed with the power and gentleness Holy Spirit uses in healing life’s wounds – I have never seen counselors work with any of the people I love with such dignity and respect of the person or their experiences. Thank you!” – Jodee Kulp

I’ve waited for a few days before writing comments so as to let the emotions settle and the real outcome to come forth. I have been through much counseling and inner healing over the course of my 57 years. I really didn’t know what to expect nor did I sense any pressing problems. But I had heard about Sozo ministry and felt drawn to it and very curious.
To go through a Sozo session is to be taken into the very throne room of God and to be counseled by Him directly. He almost immediately began to gently deal with subtle lies that had slipped in over the past couple of years. I had believed a lie and had allowed disappointment and frustration to take up residence. The Lord gently uprooted the lie, shook off the dirt, and realigned my thinking. This experience gave me the revelation of the tool of declaration to speak His reality over my situation. God renewed my faith and restored my hope in a tangible way through what I consider a supernatural experience. God then put His signature on the whole experience so that I wouldn’t later doubt what had just happened. I hope everyone I know can undergo a Sozo healing session with the Lord!

From Susan

I have been healed from a twelve year bondage!!

From Rochelle

I experienced major personal break through. I came for one thing and multiple personal experiences in my life came up and were healed. Perfectly healed by God’s love and grace. This has been a blessing in my life. A gift from God. I am grateful!

From Kathy

I understood some of what I have never had before regarding my past. Past ties to others have kept me from experiencing true freedom in Christ. This was full and fruitful. I received joy, peace, love, and gifts from God. His presence was just wonderful to be in.

By Robin


God showed me areas of hurts and pain that I didn’t realize were there. I knew I needed freedom, but didn’t know exactly what I needed freedom from. So freeing! I feel as though all of the junk I cam in with has been washed away. This was such a gift. Thank you God and to your wonderful team! You led me to the One who I truly needed today.

From Ginger

This was so amazing! Very calming and healing to my soul. We were on the verge of divorce. Both of us were ready to separate and both of us received healing from our pasts and are free to love each other and move forward together. We had been receiving weekly counseling for over a month and found these two hours more helpful and healing to put us in the right direction.

From Jessica

I appreciated a non-judgemental team of men. I could sense their genuine love and concern for seeking the Father’s will. It gave me a sense of relief and liberty from the weight of past mistakes.


This is well worth it. I still have work to do, but this definitely helped the healing process. I feel this is a comfortable place to go for any future healing.


My mind is clear, noise free and I have greater personal confidence. I have greater freedom and peace of mind. No more condemning thoughts. Great team of people that Jesus uses to bring freedom. Thank you!


I received the ability to hear God in a way I never could before and the messages I received were so healing. Very encouraging. We dealt powerfully with the main concern I came for. This is such a unique and powerful ministry! Thank you to the team for their sacrifice in making room for this to happen. By Jason

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I came to my session with a lot of doubts that I would be able to hear from Father God, and lots of hang-ups about Father God. Suffice it to say that I truly heard from Him, and what He had to say was so affirming and healing. He exposed my destructive beliefs and replaced them with truth and hope. The following day He had more to say on the matter, and that’s when I had a really cool breakthrough. Thanks, Father God, for caring for your kids so well. And bless these precious folks who are cooperating with you in this sweet work.

  2. Breakthrough!
    After the SOZO session we saw such breakthrough in one of our family members. It was like the burdens he had carried for so long were suddenly lifted off his shoulders and he was finally FREE to live his life. — Jodee

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