Nephros Ministries provides individual prayer times using Bethel SOZO methods for personalized God-directed healing to help each individual fully receive the package of salvation, deliverance and healing.

The goal in each session is to:

  • Help the individual find freedom in Christ
  • Love the individual
  • Heal wounds for the individual
  • Break sinful habits and mindsets in the individual’s life
  • Replace lies with God’s truth
  • Close doors on the enemy
  • Connect people to Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • Bring wholeness to the individual

Nephros prayer ministers serve as Jesus did by showing reverence, empathy, love and compassion to each individual in their prayer session. Each session is conducted by trained ministers who have a heart to help others experience freedom from emotional, spiritual and physical obstacles in their lives.

In a prayer session, the prayer minister agrees to:

  • Honor the individual
  • Minister out of hope
  • Partner with God’s love, power and authority
  • Encourage forgiveness
  • Recognize that God is in a good mood
  • Bring what is in heaven to Earth (according to the Lord’s prayer)
  • Expect miraculous results
  • Promote connection to God through prayer
  • Give the individual God’s encouragement and promises they heard in written
  • Give God the glory

Additionally, educational Sozos are offered to deal with learning problems for all ages. This completely confidential prayer time is tailored to individuals needs.

Ministry sessions typically run two hours in length and are provided by trained Bethel Sozo prayer ministers at pre-scheduled times.

At Nephros Ministries, we average an investment of several hours toward your healing per appointment.  We each faithfully sow into your healing before, during, and after your session.

We are also asking you to faithfully sow into your healing journey.  A financial donation is the main avenue for you to do this, along with your time during your session.

We ask for a suggested donation of $75 for individual ministry sessions. However, a donation of any amount is accepted.

Thank you.

Sozos are also offered for children.

If the child is under the age of 18, it is suggested that both parents arrange for personal prayer appointments first, as they can experience freedom and understand the process their child will be experiencing first hand. Parents of young children are recommended to attend their child’s prayer session.

Schedule an Appointment

  • After you have sent your request for a Sozo, you will receive an email within 48 hours letting you know of available appointments times.
  • We are looking forward to getting you scheduled for a Sozo!
  • Appointments can be made for healing prayer for adults, children, and educational needs.

Please print our Nephros Release of Liability Forms and complete for each SOZO Session
Release for Minors
Release for Adults



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