Jesus was about the business of healing while He walked the earth.

When He died, rose again and ascended into Heaven,
the Holy Spirit was powerfully unleashed
to continue His work of
saving, healing and delivering.

  • Sozo is a Greek word meaning to save, heal and deliver, and is found over 100 times in the New Testament. Accessing Jesus’ power has, and always will transform us.
  • Sozo helps connect a persons to the radical healing power of God.
  • Sozo, with the help of the Holy Spirit, helps people in the healing of past and present wounds. Obstacles are overcome and the enemy’s lies are replaced with God’s Truth. It is a ministry birthed in prayer and God’s Word. Partnering with God to bring people to a place of freedom in Christ, people are empowered to live out life to the fullest in his Kingdom!
  • Bethel Sozo is an instrumental tool that we use in training and personal prayer sessions.For more information, see the “Links” page”